Preparing Rome

Colosseo, Rome
Colosseo, Rome

EDIT: Now we are already in Rome, haha. But nevertheless I wanted to publish my nerve-racking suitcase-action and all the others preparations I did. First fazit: my Italian language is a desaster! 🙁

Another city I haven’t seen before will be visited this year. ROME. We will start soon. But before we take the flight I feel like I still have to do thousand things. Preparing the suitcase, of course. But learning and repeating Italian too – why I’m studying this language if I never use it?! So let’s try. Romy goes Italia.

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Santa Maria de Maggiore Church
Santa Maria de Maggiore Church

I have no idea of Rome, only the movie “Illuminati” as a base but that’s not much. So I take the surprise. We don’t have any plans, only some things on a list what we want to see and visit. And more or less the main part on this fictive list I only know because the lecturer of Latin in my university told us every lesson.
So I’ll make my suitcase now. While doing this my flat looks like it’s been hit by a bomb. But I claim that I’m an expert concerning suitcases because I always have success to find a place for everything. It’s because I first study the weather of the holiday location, second I don’t throw clothes without any sense in the bag but I think about outfits and combinations before and third I roll my clothes. It’s absolutely space-saving even if some people look strange at me.

Result; nothing! I can write Italian, but I'm deperate with speaking...
Result; nothing! I can write Italian, but I’m deperate with speaking…

Of course some posts of Rome will follow, my mum says that you could hold on there every second to take a photo of something. She is going to come with me to show the city to me, it will be our first mother-daughter-holidays. Until that day I spend the last days with a lot of anticipation, my boyfriend and my Italian books.