Do (not) swim with dolphins!


“There are always umpteen views. The golden and the other side oof a coin don’t use for anything. Because the world isn’t only black and white.”

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I think, it was our best experience in Malta. I found out before that you can go swimming with dolphins there. Because we wanted to do something really special, we just decided to register. Probably most of the biggest animal activists will be absolutely angry and mad about these pictures. Are we crazy? You should forbid these dolphinariums. You cannot do that, the poor animals. And if you put the photo on Facebook or other social media, you are really fast the biggest animal torturer in the world. Unfortunately I also had this shitstorm. I don’t have to justify myself but I just had the wish to get rid of my mind.

No animals in captivity?

For sure I’m no enemy of animals, I like animals. I like the cat of my dad, I like the horses in my riding stable. I love penguins like crazy and I’m always happy if there are aquariums or parks to watch them. I also visit zoos sometimes and when I was little, my farther took us often on the boat to go fishing. We gathered snakes in his garden, we fed hedgehogs though the winter and all cats of the village, we carried toads all over the whole place. I was a nature kid. When kids hadn’t smartphones and laptops yet. My brother and me, we were used to play outside in the garden with everything we could find. And in a small village you learn to treat animals with respect. In the past first the animals were fed, then the people, my farther always told us. In a village it was normal that animals and men live together under the same roof. They need each other. I never learned (luckily) how to slaughter a pig or to kill a fish without lot of pain, but I learned that animals are better than people. Because animals don’t judge you because you go into a zoo to watch their bored conspecifics.

I don’t like to visit zoos. I didn’t find many zoos which I like either in my life. Mostly the animals were cooped in a cage, they get their food without doing anything for it and they bore themselves to death. For sure the animals activists are right that an animal belongs to the wilderness where they come from but sometimes I don’t disagree with the idea to show these animals to people who cannot pay a journey into the usual surroundings of this animal. For children it’s a good thing. The bad fact: so many zoos abuse their power. For me it’s scary that the souvenir shop proportionately as big as the whole zoo. I rather like parks where endangered species are protected. It doesn’t work because people are commercial and if you can’t see the animal in an appropriate compound, the tickets aren’t sold out.

There are so many criminals and dark machineries in this world. Poacher who kill elephants for ivory, monster who let sharks die in meshes because the kilo prize has to be right and no one has the time to save a poor shark, idiots who wipe out tigers for their fur, black marketer who earn so much money with fur coats because it’s cheaper to produce real fur in China than fake fur in the USA. Sadly it’s not different with the dolphins. I don’t want to know who many whales and dolphins are slaughtered every year, without any sense because the meat isn’t worth much in Asia anymore, mostly it runs to seed. And nowadays there are so many alternatives for the cosmetic production. Nevertheless killing dolphins has no end. If the dolphins don’t die because of that, they perish in a fisher mesh like the sharks because the fisher’s ships confuse their echo sounding systems. Maybe in the wilderness the dolphin becomes ten years and in captivity twenty.

Malta and the dolphins


Of course we looked for some informations before registrating there, even if many critics don’t believe me. Where are they from, the animals, how they are treated? The park is quite small, there are 6 dolphins, some sea lions, parrots, turtles and reptiles. We got a security instruction and life jackets. You have to put off all jewels. The both dolphin trainers always were with us and watched out. We were allowed to swim with the dolphins, pet them, we learned a lot of interesting stuff about them and they took photos of us and the animals. It was amazing. Before I was so exited and after it completely happy that we invested this mount of money. Dolphins are very intelligent, kittenish and curious animals, the trainers worked with many hand signs and I was surprised how fast the dolphins got it. Their skin is really soft and a little bit scarred because for their social interaction they bite each other. A dolphin without scars would be really lonely. We swam for half an hour with the animals, after it we could spend the rest of the day in the park and watch all the other shows and animals. In any case it was a incredible experience and remembered me of the time as a child in the small village where animals are better than people. Because animals are pure, altruistic and heal wounds.

Thereafter we were completely happy and so exited that we posted the picture on Facebook. I suppose that it should be clear before that not everyone will like this photo. But I never expected such a big verbal massacre.


A terrible word. My mom is librarian. You don’t harry books. My dad is from a small village. You don’t harry animals. I grew up with these two basic facts. Of course I already slew scores of mosquitos, I killed spiders and drowned wasps. I am no vegetarian either, well, not really at least. I go into the supermarket and as a student I bus the cheapest milk and any sausage of the shelf because I have to hurry. And I don’t think about it. Sometimes I also end up in McDonald’s because I cannot keep my hands off the strawberry milkshakes. I don’t buy in wholefood shops but I don’t judge people doing this. Vegan food isn’t bad and of course I get scared when I watch pictures or videos of the work in cattle farms, of the cages of chickens, of dying mice and rats in laboratories or of torreros who torture the poor bulls into the death. No matter where, everywhere on world people harry animals until the animals die. Even then you can reproduce it to money. Then you put the meat into plastic, it end up in Penny or Lidl and the big question is if the package implies what is written on it. Fail, since the horse-meat-in-lasagne-thing. But nevertheless we do it all. No matter if we buy cheap meat in the supermarket, bags of crocodile leather or if we go swimming with dolphins. I was accused indirectly to not think about my acting. That I don’t see the consequences. You are an animal tormentor if you swim with dolphins? According to PETA you support like this the slaughtering of the animals, somewhere near the japonese coast. Allegedly all marine parks take part and hence some alive dolphins finance the extinction of their conspecifics.

Actually I should cross out CRUELTY TO ANIMALS and just write down EXPOSURE. And put it in colour. Because the world isn’t only black and white. For sure dolphins are killed of criminal people every day but there are as well some little japonese fishers, somewhere on a tiny island with 100 habitants who survive with killing and eating dolphins if they don’t get other stuff into the mesh. And they even did it 2000 years ago. We are in Europe and eat meat of cattle or porc. And it’s the normal way of life, human beings are part of the ecosystem and everyone just wants to survive. The mentality and the feeling for convention, morale and modesty I would call ruined, 20 000 years ago mammoth were hunted and eaten, today we ruin pigs and their minor valued meat in plastic. As long as the world doesn’t understand that we can’t eat money, we won’t change the mentality. It’s about money. It’s about a mount of money. The person who has it could be able to afford the animal friendly production of meat, milk or eggs. The person who doesn’t – every man for himself. And then the milk from Lidl has to be enough. My brother works in the agriculture. I have a huge respect for this job even if everyone just looks at it in a shabby way. And it’s a shame that all the farmers are payed for their physical and mental work just with minimum wage. Without agriculture we wouldn’t have anything to eat but the insurance companies are coining money. Something is obviously really wrong. Probably you cannot change it as a normal person and because the basics of the childhood don’t work anymore in this society, everyone create his own little Paris to not become insane. At leat my mom call it like that. And my little Paris was made of swimming with dolphins, because I wanted to learn to know these animals, knowing that there are enough dark machineries to shake the head for. But even if you forbid all dolphinariums of the world, the slaughtering wouldn’t stop.

I don’t need to reproach myself with these cases. I visited a park with dolphins. I touched the animals and I swam with them. So what? The animals havn’t got damaged and I never killed or tortured a dolphin by myself. If you have dolphins in captivity, you need to keep them busy or they’ll get agressive. And I think a dolphin is intelligent enough to know what is a human person. They are even one of the fewest animals which are able to sense themselves. To judge the whole thing is idiology, a clever person told me, my farther who has the ability for checking a situation within some seconds and finding the right words to explain. It never worked to proselytise. If the people aren’t allowed anymore to swim with dolphins then they aren’t allowed to go by airplane, car or ship either, building houses, buying clothes of Primark, taking plastic bags in the supermarket and having normal light bulbs in the bathroom. No more. But people do and not later than here also the boss of Greenpeace does who buys his carrots maybe in an organic food market, is a strict opposer of fur coats and leather bags but tolerates the deforestation of the rain forests for soja plantations of our lovely vegans. By the way, I don’t like Greenpeace or PETA, these companies rake in money and it’s just about the power. Who has more of it and whom you can take it away? And I don’t believe the arguments that all of it is only ratfucking.

Everyone on his own…

I don’t have any problems with people who live with vegan food, don’t go to Primark, don’t buy Crême fraîche in a supermarket which is not organic, or never visit a zoo. Everyone like he wants to live, it’s okay. It’s more than okay. But I don’t want to hear that I’m cruel to animals only because I live like it’s not the lifestyle of someone else. I build my little Paris as best as possible and sometimes my little Paris is about horses, penguins and also dolphins. I wouldn’t say that I’m very fundamentalist, you can talk with about everything. Furthermore I think that you’ll become really unhappy with too many opinions not changable. People always will fight because they hate the lifestyle, the religion, the views or the choice of the make-up of the others. Supposedly you don’t have to take it personal. But the reproach to be cruel to animals is a personal thing and damages only all involved persons if you can’t make a difference between constructive critics what I even could understand to do so, and striking accusations.

I will visit other countries and I will do again things not everyone likes, instead these people do things I don’t like. It’s absurd to discuss about it, all people are different and no one has the same interests. And it’s not worth it if you even can’t make a compromise. You should never say never but like my life is going at the moment, I can’t imagine vegan food, a friday without horseriding lessons, other countries without special moments or to go shopping on vintage fleahmarkets without spending much money. It’s me. And there are people, for them it’s alright, for others not. It’s okay, I never force anyone, but I don’t let someone force me. Though I never go to Primark either and I would rather take an animal from an animal shelter than a pet shop but I don’t let you call me irresponsible. Because the world isn’t only black and white.