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Healing processes

©Kerstin Fiedler, Neukloster. Neuklosteraner See / HOME

©Kerstin Fiedler, Neukloster. Neukloster lake / HOME

I don’t know myself. I never did. I walk through the world and I don’t watch myself in a mirrow really often. 

Do (not) swim with dolphins!


“There are always umpteen views. The golden and the other side oof a coin don’t use for anything. Because the world isn’t only black and white.”

And then I got it that Malta is an island. A really interesting one, by the way.

Comino - Blue Lagoon

“It was you who wanted to go to Malta, Madam.” – “Yes, and then I got it that Malta is an island.” (the catastrophy team while planning the trip, really promising.

After a long break I’m back! Maybe the last few weeks and months happened really much but maybe I just have the wrong time management. I wrote my exams, I went back to Barcelona, I’ll write about that as well later, I helped my boyfriend with writing his Bachelor these and then I was really glad to go on holidays to Malta by myself.