Treasure chest collection

©P. Mader, *look below!

©P. Mader, *look below!

I always wrote a lot. Diary, stories, now the blog, masses of slips of paper with doodles, thoughts, memories. I keep it all in a treasure chest. Others maybe put things inside, I have a paper mess. Texts in german, french, spanish, english and sometimes you can also find a scribble in romanian. I call it my treasure chest collection because these collection of papers does present me. My biggest material treasures you can find in my book shelf but the smallest, the tiniest, the details – nobody knows them except this chest.

Barcelona: Just like that…


To do things “just like that” is a scary theme for the world. We are afraid of the consequences, because they are mostly more far-reaching than we suppose at the moment. But there are so many things you should do just like that. Just like that calling the parents to ask if they are fine, just like that helping the old lady crossing the street, just like that smiling at a person you don’t know. And then there is me. I change just like that my life.

Healing processes

©Kerstin Fiedler, Neukloster. Neuklosteraner See / HOME

©Kerstin Fiedler, Neukloster. Neukloster lake / HOME

I don’t know myself. I never did. I walk through the world and I don’t watch myself in a mirrow really often. 

Do (not) swim with dolphins!


“There are always umpteen views. The golden and the other side oof a coin don’t use for anything. Because the world isn’t only black and white.”

And then I got it that Malta is an island. A really interesting one, by the way.

Comino - Blue Lagoon

“It was you who wanted to go to Malta, Madam.” – “Yes, and then I got it that Malta is an island.” (the catastrophy team while planning the trip, really promising.

After a long break I’m back! Maybe the last few weeks and months happened really much but maybe I just have the wrong time management. I wrote my exams, I went back to Barcelona, I’ll write about that as well later, I helped my boyfriend with writing his Bachelor these and then I was really glad to go on holidays to Malta by myself.

Fashion in Milan


Il Duomo – Basilica of Milan

A while ago I went to Milan for a couple of days, another crazy idea. Well, it helps me a lot to practice the languages I am learning and studying on a regular basis, even just for a little while. And I love to see new things and get inspirations. So I can go on to develop myself, create new ideas and always get back into my mind although it sounds strange and some people I know don’t understand that exactly.

Back to Paris


We already talked about this thing, but I can’t be different. Between the stress of university and time to study I was invited to spend one weekend in Paris with my best friend. You don’t have to tell me that twice. I didn’t think about it because we got really cheap travel conditions thanks to Error Fares.

The City of Rome


“Gigantisch. Monumental. Gewaltig. Einfach schön”, hatte meine Mama diese Stadt bezeichnet und wie auch immer wir bei unserer gemeinsamen Urlaubsplanung darauf kamen, mit dem Ergebnis sind wir beide zufrieden. Meine Mama ist hier schon einmal gewesen und ihr lag die Stadt sehr am Herzen, wahrscheinlich hat sie sich deshalb gefreut, sie mir zeigen zu können (…obwohl sie der größte kleine Reisemuffel ist, den ich kenne).

Preparing Rome

Colosseo, Rome

Colosseo, Rome

EDIT: Now we are already in Rome, haha. But nevertheless I wanted to publish my nerve-racking suitcase-action and all the others preparations I did. First fazit: my Italian language is a desaster! 🙁

Another city I haven’t seen before will be visited this year. ROME. We will start soon. But before we take the flight I feel like I still have to do thousand things. Preparing the suitcase, of course. But learning and repeating Italian too – why I’m studying this language if I never use it?! So let’s try. Romy goes Italia.