My name is Romy and I live in my own world, standing on both feet. At leat I hope that all the time. I’m afraid of big heights, horror movies and everything which has more than four legs. And too often I don’t notice when it would be better to shut up the mouth. Otherwise I’m a really quiet person, squeaky. I’m a november child and never get enough of the small things in life. My life standard is being the most clumsiest person in the world. The better people know me, the more often they ask what’s going on in my head. You can find lot of life in there, splitted like many cotton candy stations at a fun fair. But I don’t like cotton candy as much as I don’t like snow, mussels, trends, strict lines, money and small-mindedness. I leech on to the people and things I like and I want to have surround me, and I own too many shoes, thoughts, crazy ideas and books. I love foreign places, music, inspirations and of cause all the people who enrich my life. I like football, memories, Ikea, colors, horses and fashion. I’m also a true Baltic sea girl. I often look forward exitedly to specific moments and sometimes I could burst into pieces of being happy. About the best boyfriend you can have for example. I write stories and sometimes, when I’m bored, I imitate some scenes as a monologue to get new inspirations. I always write everything down, and I collect memories, pullovers, ideas, dvds and words. So many diaries, manuscripts, word-documents and shootings full of words. So much Romy between the lines. Writing, grammar, languages – it always was the (only) thing I can do the best, for this reason I study Romance Philology at the university in Leipzig. It’s my thing – languages. And learning new stuff. I want to see the world. Taking pictures. Being abroad. Inhaling worths, feelings, impressions like I could eat them. This blog is my support to try this. To express how the world tastes for me. Freedom, dreams, unknown places, other languages, honest people, precious moments. Everything what makes my life worth to live. And that I have the three most important things a peron can have – health, grandeur and life courage. This is called richness.